Who is the most expensive transfer in futbol history? The answer is Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. with a record breaking transfer fee of 222 million euros (263 million dollars) The 25-year-old Brazilian international currently plays for Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Just 2 month ago, Neymar was still a part of the Barcelona’s treble winning front three, alongside Lionel Messi, and Luis Suarez. This transfer didn’t just happen over night, it has been dragging on for almost the entirety of this summer transfer window. For a detailed timeline of Neymar’s transfer to PSG, you can find it here. Throughout this summer, “news” reporting this transfer comes out almost everyday, each time, somebody has “new” breaking updates about the transfer which usually goes something like this “Neymar 200% staying at Barcelona… ,” or “Neymar to PSG done deal, to be announced this Friday…” All of the reports except the PSG’s official announcement are technically considered unreliable, but why do people buy into them?



(Check out the REAL reason PSG wanted Neymar)

Whether Neymar should ditch Barca and Join PSG is still up for debate, time will tell whether he made the right choice (please do not start a comment war on this!). However it’s certainly interesting and worrying to see people get so worked up by these “news” reports, regardless of their authenticity.

Neymar transfer saga is just a tip of the iceberg. Futbol and transfer “news” are almost inseparable, from the never-ending David de Gea to Madrid, to the ‘prodigal son’ Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United, transfer “news” is an integral part of the game. Some of them turn out to be true some of them are plain BS but somehow people are obsessed with them. Does this screams out fake news to anyone? But unlike the usual fake news, transfer “news” are hardly political. According to the Pizz, politics and pure fiction, conventional fake news can be categorized into two types: the purely ideological type, aimed to appeal to those who share the same ideal, and the cash driven click-baiting type whose sole purpose is to generate money. Transfer “news” have a perfect blend of both types of the fake news. Similar to the ideological type, they ‘pushing their news further into the extreme‘ for the purpose of generating more view counts and clicks to make money. I think transfer “news” are appealing in the sense that there’re always two sides to a story and whichever side you are on, there’re always news reports that line up with your opinion on the story. In the case of Neymar’s transfer, Barcelona fans are happy to accept the reports that Neymar is staying at Camp Nou, and completely disregard the reports that Neymar is indeed leaving. On the other hand, PSG fans are thrilled to hear reports of Neymar, the third best play on the planet behind Messi and Ronaldo, is joining their club. In Psychology, this is known as confirmation bias, “the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.” So what do you think about futbol fake “news”? Leave a comment down below for your dream transfer!



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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this topic. I will admit that I have fallen victim to some of those transfer BS news posts from unreliable sources. So much transfer data comes from random sources that sometimes it is hard to tell who is reliable and who is not at first. We just need to have patience and wait for the official team accounts to report a news story about transfers. I agree.

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  2. jonessa1 says:

    This post really demonstrates how extreme fans can create such a misinterpretation about different aspects of sports news. I too start to believe some of the more radical articles especially when I am a big fan of the team. Often times I rarely check sources when it comes to sports because im lazy. I tend to take things with a grain of salt but when it comes to my beloved Lakers, Rams or Galaxy I will believe just about anything that is positive, even if it is false (such as Kobe is the GOAT).

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  3. illiancp says:

    Fake transfer news is something that has been a part of my life forever. It is hard to completely disregard everything as part of me wants it to be true (the confirmation bias idea) when Bale or Ronaldo are linked with Manchester United (I’m a Man Utd supporter). Part of me still even believes Bale may make the move in the future. However, I have definitely gotten to the point where I try to ignore rumors until a club officially announces a deal. My dream transfer is still Gareth Bale to United, and I still have a small hope it may happen (unlike Griezeman, Ronaldo, and Sniejder in the past).

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    1. wingomegsu says:

      Good to know you are a United fan. If Bale moves to United, might as well just hand them the Premier League now. In short term, Bale will no doubt bring United trophies. Just imagine the squad with Pogba, Lukaku, Mkhitaryan, and Bale in attach, that’ll be insane. However in the long run, Bale won’t necessarily be a good move for United. He’s almost 29 years old, you can get another solid 2 to 3 year out of him, 4 years at most if he stays injury free. But that’s the problem isn’t it, he just can’t seem to stay fit, the recurring knee and calf injuries just don’t seem to go away. Personally I’d rather see Griezmann move to United. He’s much younger and Lukaku Griezmann partnership up front will be hands down the PERFECT strike force for Mourinho’s system. (This move might actually happen next summer! If United can beat Barca to him)


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