He is not dead

Injuries are very common in futbol, although most of the injuries players suffer are recoverable, some are very severe, quite often, injuries can end players’ career prematurely. There are some extreme cases where players’ lives are threatened by these injuries (see a list of futbollers died while playing).

One such incident happened on July 13th this year, during a preseason friendly game between Dutch club Ajax and German club Werder Bremen. With 20 minutes left on the clock, Ajax midfielder¬†Abdelhak Nouri (Appie) collapsed on the pitch. As match officials and teamates gathered around him, they quickly realized the severity of his injury. Nouri didn’t get up again and was airlifted by medical helicopters out of the stadium. Ajax official twitter later announced that Nouri has sustained a “serious and permanent brain damage” and the likelihood of him returning to the game is slim. After two-and-half weeks of intensive care, Nouri was finally out of the induced coma. However, the severe and lasing damage of his brain destroyed not only his futbol career, but also his normal life. Although the detail of his injury was not disclosed, Nouri’s family did come out and say that they are grateful to have Nouri back alive, and he could’ve easily been died due to the injury.

In response to Nouri’s horrific injury the futbol community has offered tremendous support for Nouri and his family. Ex-Ajax, current Barcelona player Luis Suarez tweeted out #staystrongappie to support Nouri. Players and clubs around the world followed suit. In the case of this incident, Social media like Twitter and Facebook offered platforms for people to care for and support the injured and his family. In a sense this resembles when someone dies in real life, his/her social media accounts are memorialized or in some cases the chat-bot version of the deceased is used to maintain their account, and to help ease the grief and offer support for the person’s family and friends. Nouri’s family later issued statement thanking everyone who has given support and asks everyone to continuing praying for Nouri.


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  1. illiancp says:

    I remember social media not only being used to offer support for players in the time of a bad injury but also being used to report about it so people were aware if they were still alive. The situation that Fernando Torres was in last year when he got a bad head injury was one of those moments when social media allowed people to support him as well as see updates on how he is doing. Similarly when Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the field against Tottenham I used social media to get updates about his cardiac arrest that could have led to his death, and I saw many tweets supporting him through it.


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