Le Scandale!

Sex scandal is nothing new in the world of futbol. In 2015, French forward Karim Benzema was in the center of spotlight, after another criminal charge against him came to light. In early November that year, Benzema was arrested by Versailles police, and subsequently charged with blackmail and extortion attempt targeting his national team teammate Mathieu Valbuena over alleged sex-tape.

According to reports, In the summer, Valbuena informed the police about the alleged plot against him. From police investigation, during a phone conversation between Benzema and his friend Zenati, Benzema was recorded claiming to encouraged Valbunena to pay to stop the sex-tape from going public. Zenati was then identified as the person who first contacted Valbuena about the sex-tape and also allegedly urged Valbuena to pay to stop the tape from getting out. After the news got out, Benzema has since been excluded from national duty, and missed out on the Euro 2016 along the way. Though claiming innocent on numerous occasions, Benzema is still under formal police investigation. In July this year, Benzema wins the backing of the Court of Cassation and case will eventually be dropped by the Court of Appeal. However, this does not prove Benzema’s innocence in the case. During an interview earlier this year, Benzema claims that Valbuena has “dragged his name through the mud.” He even goes so far as to claiming that it was all part of Valbuena’s story, that he (Valbuena) falsely accused Benzema’s involvement, and now he is trying to make peace with Benzema.

What really happened in this sex-tape scandal may never be known to public, but the damage it caused to both parties are evident. This whole thing reminds me of the article on sexting. One thing the article touched on is the consequence of sexting, that is what happens if the wrong person got access to one’s private photos/videos. I guess we can all take away from this scandal that sext/ sex-tape may have very serious consequences.


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  1. Navin Weiss says:

    I’ve gotta say, I really like that Valbuena went to the police when it started happening. You frequently hear a lot of stories of people that get caught, and get “coaxed” into doing even worse things. This guy was just like, yeah, I maybe did a dumb thing, but I’m not going to let it ruin my life or be used against me.


  2. It’s really tricky to determiner whether or not their innocent given their in a position of power. Being a high preforming soccer player they could have been release by paying bribes. He can also just be innocent and is targeted just for his position. It’s a dark place we live in.


  3. illiancp says:

    This scandal basically ended Benzema’s international career when it happened, and as you said it really shows the serious consequences that sexting/ sex-tapes can have on a person’s career. Benzema is a very talented player who would likely start over Giroud, but due to this scandal he may never go to a major international tournament again. This story is very relevant now with the World Cup coming up this summer, the biggest tournament in the world and a tournament that Benzema will be watching from home.


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