Who is Your Favorite Player?

You can answer this question in the comment section below, he/she doesn’t have to be a football player. I’m going to talk about how YouTube and Reddit help me keep up with world football.

First of all, I check news from the r/soccer subreddit, sort by new, then you get all the latest news in world football. Largest sports related subreddit, with news story, match threads, transfer rumors, betting odds, and basically anything football related. Premier league, La Liga, Serie A, Scottish Prem, or MLS, r/soccer has them all! Remember, the key is to sort by new. Check out the link for yourself.

Because of the time difference between Europe and the U.S. live matches are usually been broad cast in the middle of the day, (usually 2:45 pm for most league matches, and 3:45 for European matches). So it’s almost impossible to watch them live on TV, but no worries, Reddit got you covered. Check out the football match stream subreddit r/soccerstreams, streaming games on the go. Remember to turn the sound off on your device if you are in class, otherwise the whole class is going to hear Roy Hudson scream about Messi, also using add-block on your browser is absolutely necessary because of the ridiculous amount of ads overlays on the streams. You don’t want 10 ad tabs popping up while trying to enjoy the game. Lastly, If you miss the live stream of the matches, no worries, you can still catch up by either watching the match highlights or re-watching the actual game on r/footballhightlights.

YouTube is great to scout out exciting youngsters and, in general, any player who might interest you. There are tons of goal, show boat skills, and tackling compilations on YouTube, all the exciting and magical moments in football compiled into short 5-minute videos. On top of that, starting next year, Champions League final will be streamed live on YouTube for free!

With the help of social network platforms like Reddit and YouTube, it’s much easier to stay connected with world football and enjoy the beautiful game.


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  1. I had no idea that Reddit contained all of the stuff that you talked about! However, I am not an avid Reddit user, so I’m really not surprised. While I do not have a favorite football player, my favorite professional athlete is Roger Federer, who is a tennis player. I went to Reddit and replaced soccer with tennis, and was able to find similar information to when you look up soccer.


  2. illiancp says:

    I use youtube all the time to watch extended highlights of games that I missed during classes. I have to say, having lived in England, it is so much nicer trying to find the time to watch a game at night or afternoon on the weekend instead of early in the morning, but youtube is a big help if I miss a Manchester United game because I am too tired to wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday. My favorite player of all time is Paul Scholes, my current favorite player is Juan Mata.


  3. Its been a while since i watched football. I believe it was 2007 when AC Milan won Champions league and that was the last full match i ever watched. It was lots of fun watching those matches but i never had the attention span to watch the entire game so i usually watched highlights. I’m glad to know that there are these live stream outlets in case i ever want to go back into watching football. It also seems extremely necessary to have ad block in order to surf the internet or watch TV show or movie online. I guess my favorite player back then was Buffoon Juventus Goalie at the time. Not a lot of people give credit to goalies in soccer.


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