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To reflect upon this live tweeting activity, I have to say that it’s my first time live tweeting a sports event, and it’s way harder than I imagined. In order to live tweet efficiently, I had to prepare beforehand, all the players’ twitter handles, all the relevant hashtags for the game, and etc. However, because I have to tweet during the game, it was really distracting and stressful. The game was meant to be enjoyable, but live tweeting completely destroyed the experience for me. There are certainly benefits of live tweeting a sports game, mostly to keep people, who are unable to attend the game, updated with what’s happening in real time. The Drawbacks are it makes the experience so much more stressful, especially if you are not an expert at live tweeting. From this assignment, I reassured myself that Twitter is not something I want to use, it takes away a lot of fun from live football matches. The game itself was really good, it was a good match up between the two teams, but not going to lie, it’s probably the worst experience I’ve had watching a football game because I was have to constantly tweet about it.


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  1. rosetechweb says:

    I really liked your live tweet. I thought the videos you posted were useful to see the goals, missed shots, and other things happening throughout the game. I also live tweeted a sports game and I agree that it can be stressful and take away from watching the game sometimes. However, I felt I noticed a lot more about how certain players were playing during the game as I was live tweeting.


  2. haileyhoover says:

    I can see what you mean about it being stressful. It is hard to live tweet and still be following what is happening in the game. I view live tweeting as something you do when a thought pops into your head. Maybe there was something about the game that really stuck out that you could post. That way you can still enjoy the game but also share your opinions with your followers.


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