Technology and Video Games







The primary audience of these three memes are teenagers who loves soccer and video games, and just in general, people who are into soccer and gaming. I’m trying to make the argument that how technology, in the form of video games, influences young people’s lives. To discuss the memes in a little more detail, in the first meme Arjen Robben is crying because he has being playing Xbox all day instead of doing homework or practicing diving, then Batman comes home after a long day of hard work finding out Robben hasn’t done anything else but playing video games. Out of pure anger, Batman breaks Robben’s TV and Xbox, left Robben sitting on the floor crying. By the way, why batman? Because Batman and Robin, get it? In the Second memes, (I don’t know who the soccer player is, but that’s not important, so we’ll just call him Jerome), Jerome is playing video games with his little brother, probably Call of Duty, and Jerome’s little brother 360 no scoped (look it up if you don’t know what it is) Jerome for the final kill cam for the whole lobby to see and Jerome is stunned in disbelieve and humiliation. The final meme shows the nerd David Luiz screaming down the hallway, can’t wait to go back home to play Destiny that just dropped 30 minutes ago. From the facial expression on his face, you know Luiz is a total nerd. I think that what would motivate audience to share my meme is the fact that young people especially my age group can easily find them relatable. I think the first two are somewhat fixated to video games, but the last one definitely has potential to be heavily modified for other purposes. Finally, I don’t think my memes will go viral, not because they are not good memes, just the fact that they may be a little complicated, especially the first meme and additionally, most young people in American are not familiar with soccer, therefore the reference is a little bit of a stretch for them.


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