#Agent P at it again

See you tomorrow in training, this Instagram post by Paul Pogba #Agent P, pretty much confirms the transfer of Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United over this summer. Looking back, this is absolutely a steal for United, despite the 75-million-pound price tag on the big Belgian. In modern day futbol, the use of social media is more prevalent than ever. From announcing player transfers, to live updating match fixtures, social media is almost inseparable with the beautiful game itself.

The use of Twitter is especially prominent. One prime example of this is the long-lasting feud between Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos. Both of them are Spanish internationals and are integral parts of their national team. However, they play for different clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively, probably the biggest rivalry in world futbol on the club level. How the feud started is not exactly clear, but both on pitch rivalry of the two teams and off the pitch disputes sparked this feud. I don’t want to get into the political side of things, but basically, Barcelona represents the geopolitical region in Spain-the Catalonia, and Real Madrid on the other hand represents the country of Spain. Simply put it, the Catalans want to split from Spain to form their independent country, but Spanish government is having none of it. Pique, and Ramos, being on the two opposite sides of the political spectrum, are having a go at each other on twitter. The Catalan Referendum is happening right now, as of October 5th 2017, and the tension between the two are escalating on Twitter.

Live tweeting match updates is another common use of twitter in futbol. Fans, news agencies, even the clubs themselves often live tweet match updates as it’s happening. According to The Art of Live-Tweeting, this is a form of Amplifying tweet it “repeats or summarizes something,” in this case, what’s happening on the pitch, and also as a form of Supplementing tweet it “adds a link to some resource related to the topic at hand.


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  1. It really is weird just how much information is leaked by sources that probably shouldn’t be leaking it. I’m surprised that clubs have not made repercussions for players or other entities that have the information available to them. If it keeps trending like it currently is, there is a chance that these tweets could come too early and potentially prevent an exchange from happening.


  2. illiancp says:

    Twitter is usually one of the first places I go to check recent soccer news as sports pages usually get the news out really quick. I also use it a lot to see live tweets of games if I am unable to watch them. I really agree with the idea that twitter is now inseparable from the beautiful game, and it seems like this trend will continue as so many clubs continue to use twitter for all the important news, like transfers, injuries, or interviews.


  3. jacksblog652 says:

    I know that for hockey if you follow the right people you will know about trades or signings well before the team officially releases the info. The tweet will say that “I’m hearing word of a trade” or “Looking like this is going to happen.” While these are not definitive statements, over time certain reporters get the reputation of being reliable, and they you can usually read those rumor tweets as facts about what the team itself is going to release in a matter of hours.


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